Water Jet Cutting

Corrie the owner of 3D Welding Works is proud to announce that the company he founded now also provides Water Jet Cutting. This service has started in early January and compliments all the other great services that 3 D Welding Works now offers its customers.

Water Jet cutting is an industrial tool capable of cutting through a variety materials. The process is done by using a very high pressure jet of water. The process “ abrasivejet “ has been also used with a mixture of water and an abrasive substance.

Using this method we can cut through steel and granite. Traditionally water jet cutting has been used for the fabrication of machine parts. The Main reason it was used for this purpose is because the materials are generally sensitive to the very high temperatures that are created using other cutting methods.

Water Jet cutting actually began in the 1930s, however in those days the system was used mainly on much softer materials. Around 1956 the system was used to actually cut clean plastic shapes and more recently with the advent of better machinery it is being used to cut almost every hard surface product. Contact us today so that we can show you what we can create for you using this great method of cutting.

As always please note, that at 3D Welding Works no job is too small. We are always here to help our customers achieve a perfect outcome for their individual project.

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