Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most popularly used methods for cutting metals in various industrial manufacturing processes. In fact laser cutting technology is useful for cutting a wide range of non metal materials too, such as graphite, certain composites, paper, wood, ceramics, fabric and certain types of plastic.

Material cutting is an important part of several manufacturing processes. It is often the first step, which is followed by a series of procedures that eventually complete the manufacture. Hence the material cutting process must be efficient and accurate. And laser cutting is one of the most reliable methods to achieve that.


To understand the advantages of laser cutting over other material cutting methods, let us first see how the laser cutting technology works.The process involves the use of laser cutters, machines that focus a high intensity laser beam on the material to be cut. The diameter of the beam will depend on whether you want fine cutting or need a thicker section width. The laser cuts the material by burning, melting or vaporizing it away.
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Additionally, a jet of gas is supplied just above the laser focus, surrounding the beam. This jet pushes away any residue of vaporized or liquefied material resulting in a clean and highly finished cut surface.


Laser cutting is extremely efficient as it results in precise cuts in far lesser time as compared to other mechanical cutting processes.Since the laser cutter is not directly in contact with the material being cut, the chances of contamination are completely eliminated. Also, as the beam makes a pin point contact with the material, chances of material deformation or warping are very low with laser cutting technology.It is a much more energy efficient process as compared to plasma cutting. The entire process is controlled by computer programming, reducing chances of human error and also increasing the ease of precise and cost effective replication.


Laser cutting providers service clients across industries including aerospace, automotive and electronic components to name a few.Laser engraving is a specialized application where the laser beam is used to engrave specific designs or logos on materials or serial numbers on electronic components for identification. This is a quick, computer operated process and several thousand components/materials can be engraved using laser cutters in a relatively short period.


There are basically three types of laser cutters – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers, Neodymium (Nd) lasers and Nd-YAG (Neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet) lasers.The CO2 laser is most commonly used in industrial applications for boring, cutting and for laser engraving applications. This type of laser is also suitable for welding.The Nd and Nd-YAG lasers are used for high energy applications- the former, particularly in cases where repetition is high.

3D Welding Works offers a wide range of laser cutting services. Known in the market as laser cutting specialists, we can cater to all your custom laser cutting requirements including brass cutting, copper cutting, mild steel and steel laser cutting. We would be honoured to assist you in your material cutting processes.

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