Stainless Steel Fabrications

3D Welding Works offers custom stainless steel fabrication services to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Metal fabrication is the process of cutting, bending processing and assembling raw metals into a finished product, which may be a structure, component or equipment. The fabrication processes using stainless steel as the raw material are specifically termed as stainless steel fabrications.


The composition of the stainless steel alloy confers high heat and corrosion resistance properties to it. The ease of cleaning makes it suitable for sanitary applications such as in the medical and pharmaceutical field and for the food service and food processing industry. Besides, stainless steel lends itself to metal fabrication processes more easily. Given the wide range of applications for stainless steel products, stainless steel fabrication is extremely important.


Cutting, which is an integral part of most stainless steel fabrication processes, is accomplished with the help of lasers or water jet. Mechanical cutting methods (such as with a blade) are not recommended for stainless steel as the heat generated in the process may ruin the material.

3D Welding Works has specialist stainless steel fabricators and you can rely on us for all your requirements.

Whether you are looking for regular stainless steel products such as laboratory tables, kitchen counter tops, awards and trophies or decorative items or whether your requirement is something unique and which (for now) exists only in your imagination, we will deliver the finished product for you..with precision and perfection.

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